- In support of the latest release "DUST N BONES-VOL.1" the 2020 'Dust N Bones-Unplugged Tour' is now officially underway and coming to a city near you. 


 - The official Jaryd Lane 'When I Get On A Roll' (acoustic video) out now!  


- 'DUST N BONES-VOL. 1'..... Now available... DOWNLOAD

- 'AMERICAN COUNTRY SOUTHERN ROCK N ROLL'... Now available through all major digital retail outlets and here at the official Jaryd Lane Store...


-   Listen now: JARYD LANE 'SPOTIFY'

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-  Have you heard JL's unplugged version of the Springsteen classic 'ONE STEP UP'? Available now off 'THE DRIFTER'. 

-  The all new Chevy anthem 'NEW STRONG' now available through I-Tunes!


- 'AMERICAN COUNTRY SOUTHERN ROCK N ROLL' Available now through I-Tunes!




Here's to the all new unplugged series 'THE SHINER SESSIONS' with a version of 'HOME'.



-'The Drifter' receiving some love from the UK! Check out the latest review on our new EP! YOUR LIFE IN A SONG